Industrial & Commercial

Electrical safety is vital to an industrial or commercial site, as there are more people, parameters and regulations to be aware of. In an industrial context, it is vital to follow safety regulations and have a highly trained electrician advise on and execute electrical builds.

Our industrial and commercial services range from a retail store fit out, to three phase power, fault finding and rewiring.

Budgeting electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance should be highlighted as a vital part of your company’s WHS, operations and risk management procedures. To understand what budget you should spend on these checks, think about the potential loss from electrical hazards (which includes both the loss of time and money) – which could be heavy machinery, data, productivity and etc.

Your buildings’ and electrical systems’ age is important when figuring out this budget.

WCG ensures compliance to the laws and regulations of your industry, as certain sectors’ equipment and working environments require different maintenance procedures.

By engaging WCG Electrical, you can get access to one of our reputable experts and inquire about maintenance checks for your property.

They can arrange a consultation to get a better understanding of the cost of the checks and the time that these checks will take.

Fitting out any store, office or restaurant requires knowledge of practicality, aesthetics and a sense of realism.

Understanding your building’s requirements is vital when moving forward to the ‘fit out’ or ‘renovations’ stage of the project.

During a fit out or renovation, the most crucial part is the installation and uninstallation of wiring and cabling.

When removing wiring, we take into consideration each building’s requirements and the needs of safety, efficiency and budget.

3 Phase Power Upgrade

As an Accredited Level 2 service provider, WCG Electrical is best capable of upgrading your premises to use 3 phase power. While phase 3 upgrades are most common in manufacturing or commercial enterprises, they are often useful in homes as well, especially older homes.

This flexible form of power is often needed when:

  • You have machinery that requires 3 phase power
  • You are installing a new air conditioner
  • You are replacing your oven
  • Your old service is dangerous or defective

Who needs a 3-phase system?

3 Phase power is often needed in restaurants and other commercial premises to be able to run cool rooms, multiple ovens, coffee machines and more. Sometimes a property does have 3 phase power already but the cabling is insufficient in giving the power required to your machinery.

We can upgrade your premises to 3 phase or upgrade your cabling, depending on the situation. This infrastructure allows businesses to draw huge amounts of power, from running a busy restaurant to operating factories and mines.

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Electrical Schematics
  • Safety Control Circuits
  • Terminal Strip Layouts
  • Control Cabinet Wiring
  • Power Line Distribution Diagrams
  • Network Overviews
  • PLC Diagrams
  • Field Cable Termination Schedules

PLC programming services

A programmable logic controller is the brain behind your automation system, and you can’t afford to have it under-performing. Our services are designed to ensure your PLC is performing at its peak.

  • Site Audit (Search for bugs, errors or inefficiencies)
  • Fault diagnosis, support and repair
  • PLC/SCADA/IIOT integration
  • Project design (from prototyping to maintenance)
  • Control Panel design and fabrication
  • Process simulation in a controlled environment before live implementation

Full List of Industrial Services

  • 3 Phase Motors
  • 3 Phase Wiring
  • 3 Phase Machinery
  • 3 Phase Meter Boxes
  • Test & Tag
  • Lighting & Power Point Installs
  • Shop Fit Outs

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